Matthew Zwolinski

University of San Diego

Is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Diego, founder and director of USD’s Center for Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy, and the founder of and frequent contributor to the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog. He writes about the basic income guarantee, exploitation, and the history of libertarian ideas.

His research interests are generally in the intersection of ethics, law, and economics, with two specific areas of focus. The first involves the proper understanding and normative status of liberty and political libertarianism. Lately, he’s been especially interested in libertarian approaches to defending a Basic Income Guarantee. The second area of interest has to do with the nature and moral significance of exploitation for individual ethics and political institutions.

He is currently working on a book tentatively titled A Brief History of Libertarianism, which attempts to trace libertarian thought from its origins in figures like Grotius and the Spanish Scholastics to more contemporary figures like Rothbard, Hayek, Rand and Nozick. He is writing this book with John Tomasi of Brown University, and it is currently under contract with Princeton University Press.