Wolfgang Kasper

University of New South Wales

Wolfgang Kasper is an emeritus Professor of Economics, who looks back in a lifetime of being a refugee, a migrant, an academic guest worker (in at least a dozen different nations) and – finally – a permanent settler in Australia. Having earned an interpreter’s degree and a PhD in international finance in his native Germany and with his exposure to different cultures, he has become intensely aware of the role of institutions in attaining a prosperous and free society. This is, amongst others, reflected in a textbook on ‘Institutional Economics’, of which he was the lead author (with Manfred Streit and Pete Boettke). In recent years, he has written about the driving forces – and lack of it – in affluent Western nations and in the emerging economies of East Asia, as well as the role of a liberal international order in maintaining economic growth, justice and freedom (for more, check him out on Wikipedia). He has been a member of MPS since 1986.